The Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA):

The Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) is federal law that applies in "child custody proceedings" involving Indian children.  The Act applies in adoption and termination proceedings involving Indian children. Indian tribes have rights under the Act and may intervene in a state court to assert their interests. I have over 20 years experience dealing with the Indian Child Welfare Act.  I have represented individuals and tribal interests in litigation in and I have also lectured and published in that area.  I know of very few lawyers in Texas who are proficient in this area of law, other than me.  If you think you have an ICWA situation, call me before someone else does.  I can usually tell you if the Act has application with just a few questions, but it is very important to make an accurate determination on the Acts possible application because certain actions may be invalidated for a failure to comply with the Act.

You may access a copy of an article I wrote on the Indian Child Welfare Act for the Texas Bar Journal at:
Indian Child Welfare Act in Texas – An Overview

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